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Turquoise is the birthstone for December. Turquoise can be a bit confusing as there are so many different types. Some are named for where they are mined e.g. Sleeping Beauty, others are semi man made, for example, Chinese turquoise is often turquoise with a stabiliser added to it to prolong longevity (turquoise is a very soft stone).

Three Stone Turquoise Necklet

three stone turquoise necklace

16 inch long silver necklace set with three turquoise cabochons, two ovals, 7x5mm and one pear 7x5mm. If you would this necklace altering to be longer let me know I can make it longer (Up to 20 inches) for a £10 charge.

Price £24

Turquoise Multistone Marquise Silver Necklace

turquoise multistone marquise necklace

Pretty silver and turquoise necklace, set with 42, marquise shape, 8x4mm stones. It is 11mm wide and will adjust between 15 and 16 and half inches. It is very flexible and drapes beautifully.

Price £80