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Turquoise is the birthstone for December. Turquoise can be a bit confusing as there are so many different types. Some are named for where they are mined e.g. Sleeping Beauty, others are semi man made, for example, Chinese turquoise is often turquoise with a stabiliser added to it to prolong longevity (turquoise is a very soft stone).

Classic Oval Turquoise Studs

Classic Oval  Turquoise StudsClassic Oval  Turquoise Studs

Oval turquoise stud earrings set with traditionally coloured turquoise 8mm x 6mm, oval shape cabochons. 4mm deep silver setting.

Price £16

Fancy Round Turquoise Studs

Fancy Round Turquoise StudsFancy Round Turquoise Studs

Round, fancy set, turquoise stud earrings set with traditionally coloured turquoise 7mm, round turquoise cabochons. 4mm deep silver setting. Studs are 10mm wide.

Price £18

Pear Shape Turquoise Studs

Pear Shape Turquoise Studs

Pear shape turquoise stud earrings set with traditionally coloured turquoise 7mm x 5mm, pear shape cabochons. 4mm deep silver setting.

Price £16

Mostly Matrix Turquoise Dangles

mostly matrix turquoise earrings

In a twist on the more usual turquoise cabochons these stones have patches of blue turquoise surrounded by the black matrix. The cabochons are 12x10mm and set in 4mm deep silver.

Price £25

Turquoise Wavy Drops

turquoise wavy drops

Lovely elegant silver earrings set with two, pear shape,nicely marked turquoise cabochons, 8x5mm. Length of the earrings from the base of the hook is 28mm.

Price £22

Turquoise Mosaic Marquise Dangles

turquoise mosaic marquise drops

Solid silver backed, turquoise chip and clear lacquer inlaid, marquise shape earrings, 20mm long (from base of the hook) by 10mm wide. Very pretty and unusual earrings.

Price £20

Small Turquoise Heart Studs

turquoise heart ds studs

Pretty little silver heart studs just 6mm across and set with 4mm heart shape turquoise cabochons. The silver is double set with a pretty cable design round the outside.

Price £10


Long Turquoise Filigree Dangles

Long Turquoise Filigree Dangles

With a drop of 33mm from the base of the hook, these are long elegant silver earrimgs set with a turquoise coloured resin (8x6mm). They are 13mm wide.

Price £15


Turquoise Pear Cabochon Drops

Turquoise Pear Cabochon Drops

Beaitifully marked 12mm x 18mm, pear shaped turquoise cabochons, double set in silver and made into elegant earrings.

Price £30


Turquoise Curly Drops

Turquoise Curly DropsTurquoise Curly Drops

Pretty silver and turquoise earrings 35mm long and 8mm wide. They are set with 5mm round and 6x8mm oval, nicely marked turquoise stones. Overall length of drop from base of the silver hooks is 35mm.

Price £18


4mm Turquoise Swarovski Crystal Studs

4mm Swarovski turquoise colour crystals, set into silver stud earrings. Crystal is a type of leaded glass.

Price £8


Fancy Turquoise Drops

Fancy Turquoise DropsFancy Turquoise Drops

Very pretty, silver filigree marquise shape dangle earrings with 4mm turquoise stones. They have a 30mm drop from the base of the hook and are 14mm wide.

Price £25


Long Oval Turquoise Dangles

Long Oval Turquoise DanglesLong Oval Turquoise Dangles

Very elegant silver earrings. Would be great present for someone with a December birthday as turquoise is their birthstone. The drop on the earrings is 35mm from the base of the hook and they are set with 8mm x 6mm oval stones.

Price £20