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A small selection of one off silver necklaces and necklets here. I can make most things you can think of so please if you don't see what you want here just ask me for a quote.

If you are looking for silver chains (e.g. snake, omega, curb) then please go to my other website

Feathery Silver Necklace

feathery necklace

Eighteen inch long, 1.5mm, diamond cut Figaro chain with a fancy textured toggle with a feather like, long textured dangle pendant. The drop of the "pendant" part of the necklace is 4.5cm. Pretty and slightly Boho.

Price £30

Heart Dangles Necklace

4 heart drop necklace

17 inch long silver necklace with a decorative toggle clasp. The four heart dangles are all of different lengths, Ranging from 36mm to 20mm, each of the hearts has a flat back and a rounded, hammered or highly polished surface. Pretty and unusual necklace.

Price £45

Crazy Loops Necklace

crazy rings necklacecrazy rings necklaceCrazy Loops Necklace

Gorgeous, stunning, showpiece necklace. Fully assay office hallmarked. 18 inches long with a decorative toggle fastening, the graduated, irregular loops on this necklace have a mixture of textures including highly polished, hammered and reticulated. The largest loop measures 28mm x 18mm and the smallest 19mm x 8mm. Not cheap but heirloom quality.

Price £200

Silver Floating Heart Necklace

On a sixteen inch silver chain (ask if you want 18") this solid silver heart measures 15mm x 13mm and slides freely up and down the chain.

Price £10

Quirky Silver and Enamel Snake Necklace

snake necklet

17 inch long silver box chain necklet, which has a lovely friendly looking, green sparkling enamel silver snake. The snake is 30mm wide and 24mm deep.

Price £22

Silver Ball Necklace
balls of wool necklace

Sixteen inch black cotton cord with silver clasp and end caps. Strung on the cord is a central 18mm round textured bead, two silver 3mm bands either side of it and then two 12mm textured round beads at each end. Beads can be moved on the cord for different spacing. Modern and bold.

Price £45

Five Ball Silver Necklace
ball figaro necklace

Sixteen and half inch long necklace of 2mm diamond cut Figaro chain, with 10mm, 8mm and 6mm silver beads wired onto it at 5cm intervals

Price £20

16" Silver Heart Dangle Necklet

silver heart dangles

Pretty necklet made with 1mm square snake chain. The dangles are 45mm at their longest and end with 5mm silver hearts, 2mm silver beads are halfway up the dangles.

Price £18

Spiky Silver Necklace

Spiky Silver NecklaceSpiky Silver Necklace

There is something wild and primitive looking about this 18" silver necklace! Top quality, Assay Office hallmarked and skillfully handmade with a textured finish on the inverted crescents which picks up the light beautifully. The maximum depth of the necklace is 23mm and the main chain is 6mm wide. Quite a funky statement piece for your collection.

Price £150

Overlapping Circles Necklace

Overlapping Circles NecklaceOverlapping Circles Necklace

Weighing 39g, this is a top quality handmade silver necklace. 17 inches long it will sit gracefully on or just below your collar bone. Fully Assay office hallmarked with the chain being 6mm wide and the alternating textured discs, being a maximum of 16mm wide. There is a lot of work in a necklace like this and the price is amazing value for money. Will be one to pass down in the family because of its quality.

Price £160

Silver Ovals Necklace

Silver Ovals NecklaceSilver Ovals Necklace

A necklace for the dramatic entrance! 34g, Assay Office hallmarked and beautifully finished and polished with alternating textures. It is 18 inches long. The simple chain part of the necklace is 6mm wide and the main part is a maximum of 31mm wide. Great for office or party or both!!

Price £150