StonesandSilver, Sterling Silver and Sapphire Necklace UK

Long sapphire necklace

Long sapphire necklaceLong sapphire necklace

40 inch long silver and sapphire necklace. It is set with 20,, irregularly shaped, cloudy sapphire stones. One side of the stones is traditionally faceted and the other side is diamond cut, so you can choose which side to wear uppermost. Stones are roughly 14mm x 12mm.

Price £120

Lab Pink Sapphire Silver Necklace

lab pink sapphire silver necklace

Seventeen inch long silver sapphire necklace with five pink lab sapphire stones on it. Two 3x5mm marquise, one 5mm round, one 5mm square cut and one 6x8mm pear. Pretty necklace.

Price £15