Ring Sizes - International Comparisons

There is really no substitute for getting your fingers properly measured with a ring gauge by a jeweller, that way you can be absolutely certain what your ring size is. You can measure round your finger with a piece of thread and then measure the length with a ruler but it really isn't very accurate and rings need to fit well or they are just annoying to wear!

This can be a very confusing area, especially if you are buying from outside the UK. A brief guide to the most common ring sizes is given below. If you want to check out another size please mail me.

UK and US Ring Sizes and internal measurement in mm
L 5 3/4 51.2
M 6 1/4 52.5
N 6 3/4 53.8
O 7 1/4 55
P 7 3/4 56.3
Q 8 1/4 57.6
R 8 3/4 58.9
S 9 1/4 60.1
T 9 3/4 61.4