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Ring Sizes

There is really no substitute for getting your fingers properly measured with a ring gauge by a jeweller, that way you can be absolutely certain what your ring size is. You can measure round your finger with a piece of thread and then measure the length with a ruler but it really isn't very accurate and rings need to fit well or they are just annoying to wear!

This can be a very confusing area, especially if you are buying from outside the UK. A brief guide to the most common ring sizes is given below. If you want to check if I might be able to make or obtain another size of ring to the ones shown please mail me.

UK and US Ring Sizes and internal measurement in mm
L 5 3/4 51.2
M 6 1/4 52.5
N 6 3/4 53.8
O 7 1/4 55
P 7 3/4 56.3
Q 8 1/4 57.6
R 8 3/4 58.9
S 9 1/4 60.1
T 9 3/4 61.4

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