Copper, Tin, Pewter and Bronze Jewellery

All the bronze jewellery, Cornish tin jewellery and copper jewellery items on these pages are handmade by me or made by the wonderful St.Justin company in Cornwall. They are all ready for immediate despatch. If however, you would like an item that you know St.Justin make then please click here for more information on my bronze jewellery and copper jewellery.

Bronze is the metal for 8th wedding anniversaries. It is an alloy (mixture) of copper and tin and has been a very important metal in human history because of its strength and beauty. Many of the items made in bronze on these pages are copies of old artefacts from early Celtic times and even those that are new designs have a timeless quality about them. Bronze is warm and substantial and gives a feeling of permanence. Jewellery made from bronze lasts for a long long time.

The tin jewellery I have here is all made by St.Justin in Cornwall and uses genuine Cornish tin. Tin is the metal for the 10th wedding anniversary. I only have a small sample of their range in stock but I can get any of their tin jewellery by request so please do ask.

The copper jewellery on here is all made by me from recycled copper and each of the items is a complete one off. If you have something else in mind that you don’t see here please contact me. Copper is reputed to be able to help with the joint pains of rheumatism and arthritis although proper randomised control studies have shown no genuine effects.

Pewter is a dark silver alloy made from (mostly) tin, with the addition of small amounts of copper and/or antimony. Pewter has a similar look to silver but a bit greyer in hue and has been used in Britain since Roman times. At one time all households would have had pewter plates, jugs and tankards. It is a cheaper but no less beautiful alternative to sterling silver and St.Justin do a wonderful range of pewter jewellery and gift items.