Opal Ring From StonesandSilver UK

Opal rings are perfect for people with an October birthday as it is the October birthstone. All the metal used in every silver and opal ring UK on these pages is sterling silver (92.5% pure) or sometimes fine silver (99% pure).

The different types of opal can be quite confusing! The ones I usually have in stock are Opal Triplets, Opal Doublets, Solid opal and Lab Created or Synthetic Opal. Opal triplets (and doublets) are genuine natural opal but with a black stone base and a rock crystal cap protecting the stone (doublets don't have the crystal cap), they are better than natural opal at resisting knocks, so much better than the untreated stone for things like rings. I often have Ethiopian rough opal items in stock, these are beautiful natural opal with amazing colours and stunning for opal pendants or earrings but they need to be treated with care because of opal's natural brittleness. There is now just being developed, a beautiful range of synthetic opals and I am stocking an increasing range of these as they are lovely to look at, have a fantastic range of colours and are harder wearing than natural opals. so fantastic for all types of opal jewellery including

Opal Delicate Twisted Shank Ring

Delicate Twisted Shank Opal Ring

Size N opal and silver ring, set with a round, 5mm, very pretty, multi coloured, natural, Ethiopian opal cabochon.

Price £24

Opal 7mm White Crystal Ring

7mm white opal ring

Very difficult to photograph this stone because it is pale but it has blue, green and pink flashes. It is fully assay office hallmarked and is a size N.

Price £75

Boulder Opal Blue Ring

blue boulder opal ring

9mm x 5mm, angular, blue/turquoise lovely boulder opal set in 4mm deep silver. The ring is a size N and carries a full assay office hallmark.

Price £95

Opal Long Green Blue Boulder Ring

long blue green boulder opal ring

Size P, fully assay office hallmarked silver ring, set with a lovely 13mm x 5mm,blue/green boulder opal. Silver is 4mm deep. Really stunning modern design.

Price £95

Opal Dark Rough Ring

rough opal ring2 Silver and Opal Jewellery

Rough Ethiopian Welo opal ring is soon not going to be available in the UK as the Ethiopian government has banned export of rough opal. This is my last ring to be made with it. It's a gorgeous brown stone with lots of green and red opalescence. The stone is roughly 14mm x 10mm and 7mm deep. Adjustable to any size, it has a spiral, 3mm wide silver shank. As opal is delicate this ring needs to be treated as a dress ring, last thing on and first thing off on a night out.

Price £75

Classic Opal Doublet Ring

simple opal ring

Size Q silver opal ring with a 3mm wide band. The stone is a pretty, slightly irregular 8mm x 6mm, blue/green iridescent opal doublet.

Price £40

Classic Opal Doublet Ring 2

simple opal ring uk

Size O silver opal ring with a 3mm wide band. The stone is a pretty, slightly irregular 7mm x 6mm, blue/green/orange iridescent opal doublet.

Price £40

Classic Opal Doublet Ring 3

oval opal ring uk

Size O silver opal ring with a 3mm wide band, set with a slightly irregular, oval, pretty blue/green red opal doublet stone.

Price £40

Blue Green Opal Flower Ring

Size P silver opal ring but infinitely adjustable both up and down in size. The flower is 28mm across and set with a 4mm round opal doublet in blue with a hint of green. The flower is 3D and finished with a mix of high polish and satin.

Price £45