Moonstone Ring From StonesandSilver UK

Moonstone makes a wonderful stone for rings because if its chatoyance, the bright blue flashes you get from it as it catches the light. As the stones move on your fingers they catch the light and flash blue, particularly in sunlight or under UV light. All my moonstone rings are made out of sterling silver. All the rings shown here are in stock and ready to send out. I only have what is shown on the site in stock, no other ring sizes are available as most of my stock is one of a kind.

Rectangular Moonstone Ring

Rectangular Moonstone RingRectangular Moonstone Ring

Very elegant and neat ,size N silver moonstone ring. It is set with a pretty, blue reflective, 18mm x 7.5mm, moonstone cabochon.Band is 4.5mm wide.

Price £24

Moonstone 15x10mm Oval Ring

Moonstone 15x10mm Oval RingMoonstone 15x10mm Oval Ring

Size P silver moonstone ring. It is set with a pretty, blue reflective, 15mm x 10mm, moonstone cabochon.

Price £18

Moonstone Round Stone Ring

round v shoulder moonstone ringround v shoulder moonstone ring

Simple silver ring available in size R only. This pretty, sterling silver ring is set with a 6mm round, reflective moonstone cabochon. With nice blue reflectivity.

Price £18

Moonstone Diamond Facet Ring

moonstone diamond facet ring.

Size N silver moonstone ring, set with a, pretty, reflective, high domed, diamond facet, moonstone cabochon. The stone is nicely blue reflective and measures 20mm x 15mm.

Price £60

Quarter Oval Moonstone Ring

22mm x 18mm, prettily blue reflective moonstone cabochon, set in a size O silver ring with a 3mm wide band.

Price £42

Rectangular Moonstone Ring

rectangular moonstone ring

Size N, silver ring with a 4mm shank, set with a lovely reflective 17mm x 12mm, rectangular moonstone.

Price £36


Moonstone Medium Marquise Ring

moonstone marquise med ring

Available in size N only. This classic silver ring is set with a 20mm x 10mm, prettily reflective, moonstone marquise shape cabochon.

Price £28

Moonstone Stunning Pear Ring

undulating pear moonstone ring

Size Q silver ring, set with a beautiful, semi transparent, 30mm x 19mm, pear shape, highly blue reflective moonstone. The setting has an undulating wire running around it for extra interest. Lovely one of a kind piece.

Price £45

Faceted Oval Moonstone Ring

large moonstone facet ring

Available in size O only this is a classic silver ring with a basket setting and a 4mm wide shank. The stone is 14x10mm and faceted with very good blue reflectivity.

Price £42