Labradorite Jewellery From StonesandSilver

All the metal used in my labradorite jewellery is sterling silver (92.5% pure) or fine silver (99% pure). Labradorite jewellery U.K. can be made to order for an additional fee.

P&P and a simple gift box/bag cost £3.99 on all orders under £50. For orders over £50 First Class Recorded P&P to the UK is FREE! For UK special delivery and overseas postage please email me as you will need to pay more postage. All the jewellery here is in stock and ready to order online (this site is Safebuy Accredited). Your jewellery will be sent out next working day by secure postage.

The FREE sterling silver chain supplied is 18 inches but if you would prefer I will fit a 16 inch, just let me know email

Fancy Labradorite Pendant

Really lovely silver and labradorite pendant. The central cabochon stone is 20mm x 12mm and has really lovely deep blue flashing. The overall length of the pendant is 40mm (including the bail) and it is 25mm wide. Sold with a FREE 18" silver chain.

Price £65

Marquise Labradorite Pendant

Marquise Labradorite PendantMarquise Labradorite Pendant

Blue reflective, nicely marked, 30mm x 13mm, marquise labradorite cabochon, which is set in 4mm deep silver and made into an elegant pendant. Sold with a FREE 18" silver chain.

Price £35

Ovals Labradorite Bracelet

Ovals Labradorite BraceletOvals Labradorite Bracelet

Eight and quarter inch long silver bracelet which can be adjusted down to eight inches. It is set with nine, beautifully blue reflective, 12x10mm oval labradorite cabochons. Classic style.

Price £60

Large Oval Labradorite Ring

Large Oval Labradorite RingLarge Oval Labradorite Ring

Size N 1/2 silver labradorite ring set with a lovely, 22mm x 14mm, oval, fabulously reflective blue/grey labradorite cabochon. The band is 4mm wide.

Price £40

Large Pear Labradorite Ring

Large Pear Labradorite Ring

Size P silver labradorite ring set with a lovely, 26mm x 22mm, pear shape, fabulously reflective blue/green/gold labradorite cabochon.

Price £45

8mm Round Labradorite Studs

8mm Round Labradorite Studs

8mm, round, faceted, green reflective labradorite, set in 5mm deep silver and made into simple stud earrings.

Price £14


Large Oval Labradorite Studs

labradorite studs small oval

10x8mm, oval, glossy and blue reflective labradorite cabochons, set in 3mm deep silver and made into simple stud earrings.

Price £20


6mm Round Labradorite Studs

labradorite studs round

Ultra simple stud earrings. The 6mm labradorite cabochons are blue reflective and set in 3mm deep silver.

Price £14


Labradorite Pear Drops

labradorite pear drop earrings

Unusually light grey labradorite pear cabochons,9mm x 7mm with green flashing (chatoyance) made into drop earrings with 2mm deep silver.

Price £18

8x6mm Oval Labradorite Studs

dark labradorite oval studs

Dark grey labradorite studs, with blue chatoyance. The cabochons are set in 4mm deep silver.

Price £15

Fancy Band Labradorite Ring

patterned band labradorite ring

Glossy green reflective labradorite cabochon, 10mm. Set onto a 5mm wide silver band which has a beautiful s-shape pattern running round it. Has a medieval look to it. Size L only.

Price £34

Beautiful, Large Labradorite Wavy Setting Ring

large beautiful labradorite silver wavy ring

Size P silver labradorite ring, adjustable one size in either direction (please ask if you want this done). This is a stunning labradorite cabochon 37mm x 20mm, and with fantastic blue reflectivity. It has a wavy silver setting. One off, unique ring.

Price £60

Smallest Irregular Faceted Labradorite Pendant

faceted labradorite irreg pendant

10mm x 6mm, faceted labradorite stone with lovely bright blue reflectivity. It is set in 5mm deep silver and sold on a FREE eighteen inch sterling silver chain.

Price £18

Square Toggle Labradorite Bead Bracelet

labradorite square toggle bracelet

Seven and half inch bracelet with 6mm round, pale grey but reflective blue/green labradorite beads. The bracelet has a really unusual square silver toggle clasp and 3mm silver beads.

Price £45

Reflective Oval Labradorite Drops

labradorite oval drops 11x9.

11x9mm, oval dark labradorite cabochons, which have really excellent blue reflectivity, set in silver and made into dangle earrings.

Price £25

Oval Faceted Labradorite Studs

faceted labradorite studs

10x8mm, oval, faceted, reflective labradorite studs set in 4mm deep silver.

Price £20

Inverted Pear Labradorite Pendant

labradorite pear pendant

Grey labradorite with very bright blue flashing across its surface. The stone is 30mm x 17mm and simply set in silver, it is sold on a FREE eighteen inch sterling silver chain.

Price £45

Large Oval Labradorite Ring

large labradorite loop ring

Size P silver labradorite ring set with a lovely, 32mm x 20mm, fabulously blue/green reflective labradorite cabochon.

Price £60

Quarter Oval Labradorite Ring

quarter oval labradorite ring

Deep grey labradorite cabochon with lovely glossy blue green flashing. The stone is 27mm x 18mm and the silver ring setting is a size P.

Price £36

Rectangular Royal Blue Flash Labradorite Ring

large rectangular labradorite line ring

A wavy silver line highlights this lovely stone which has unusually deep blue flashing. The stone is 28mm x 15mm and the ring is a size P.

Price £60

Labradorite Curls Ring

oval labradorite loops ring

Size Q. chunky, silver and labradorite ring, set with a 32mm x 22mm, oval labradorite cabochon, with ripple markings and lovely blue flashing. There is a curved fault line in the stone (just on the surface) and the ring is priced accordingly.

Price £55

Labradorite Flute Drop Pendant

labardorite flute drop pendant

Lovely flowing design of pendant that looks like a fuchsia flower bell. The pendant is 35mm long including the bail and 10mm wide. It is set with a teardrop shape reflective labradorite (7mm x 10mm) and sold on a FREE eighteen inch sterling silver chain.

Price £18

Labradorite Wrap Pear Pendant

labradorite pear wrapped pendant

Medium sized pendant with a very nice blue reflective labradorite stone that measures 20mm x 15m. The overall length of the pendant including the bail is 33mm. Sold on a FREE eighteen inch sterling silver chain.

Price £35

Simple Pear Labradorite Ring

labradorite pear ring

Size P silver rig, set with a green/blue reflective labradorite cabochon. The stone is 20mm x 14mm and the rink shank is 4mm wide.

Price £30

Blue Faceted Labradorite Ring

blue labradorite facet ring

Really nice solid ring, with the stone flush set in silver to protect it against wear. The stone has a gorgeous deep blue reflectivity and measures 10x14mm. Ring is a size R and half.

Price £40

Greek Twist Labradorite Earrings

labradorite twist earrings

35mm long these really pretty silver earrings are set with 7mm, round, blue/grey, reflective, labradorite cabochons.

Price £25

Oval Labradorite Pendant

Oval Labradorite PendantOval Labradorite Pendant

Very nice dark labradorite stone, with rich blue flashing across it. The cabochon measures 24mm x 19mm and it is set in 3.5mm deep silver. The pendant is sold with a FREE 18" silver chain.

Price £28