Bronze Earrings from St.Justin and StonesandSilver

Bronze is so wonderful they named a whole Age after it :) It's a very hard wearing, beautiful, golden metal which is an alloy (mixture) of copper and tin. It lends itself to designs that are ancient or look old. As well as earrings in stock I also have cufflinks, please look here for bronze cufflinks. As well as my own bronze jewellery I can supply any of the St.Justin range of jewellery, just ask if there is something specific you want.

St.Justin bronze uses recycled copper and Cornish tin. My bronze jewellery is also made from recycled copper and tin.

Staffordshire Hoard Inspired Pyramid Earrings

staff hoard bronze pyramid drops

Beautiful rich looking bronze earrings with vibrant red cold enamel decoration. They measure 14mm wide (max) and are 46mm long including the hook. The Staffordshire hoard of 7/8th century Anglo Saxon jewellery was found on farmland in 2009. These lovely earrings have gold plated. sterling silver earring hooks. Sold in a luxury St. Justin box.

Price £32

Apahida Triscele Drop Bronze Earrings

Apahida triscele bronze earrings

The Triscele, is a design that has been used both in Christian and pre Christian times in Celtic art. For the early Celts it was said to represent the past, the present and the future and for Christians the trinity. These lovely bronze earrings have gold plated sterling silver wires and measure 16mm wide and 32mm long including the hook. Sold in a luxury St. Justin box.

Price £28

Fern Leaf Bronze Drop Earrings

fern leaf bronze earrings

Fern shaped, lovely modern design bronze earrings on gold-plated, sterling silver ear hooks. They are 15mm wide and 46mm long and sold in a luxury St.Justin box.

Price £28