StonesandSilver, Unusual Silver Necklace UK, Set with Semi Precious Stones, Online from the UK

Hugely varied selection here, from strings of semi precious and silver beads to silver necklaces set with unusual semi precious stones. If you see something you like but that isn't quite right then please ask to see if I can make it for you, it may not always be possible as many of the stones and beads I use are hard to find a second time!


Coral and Silver Necklace

Coral and Silver Necklace

These lovely, bright red, 8 and a half mm beads are made from non-endangered sponge coral stabilised with resin. The necklace is 21 inches long, fastens with a solid silver toggle clasp and has 6mm round highly polished solid silver beads at intervals along it. Lovely necklace for Christmas.

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Crackle Glass Bridal Type Earrings and Necklace Set

crackle glass set

Because of their crystal/white crackle colour, the beads on this lovely set really don't show up very well when photographed. The drop stud earrings are made with 8mm beads and dangle down about 18mm from the post. The silver necklace itself is 16 inches long and has six 6mm beads wired

onto it. The pendant part of the necklace is 50mm long and has three beads, 6mm, 8.5mm and 10mm in diameter

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Rare Pyrites Facet Bead Necklace

iron pyrities faceted necklace

It's very unusual to find faceted pyrites beads like these. They have a lovely gold reflection to them and look "different". People are sure to ask whet they are. The necklace can be worn between 16 and 18 inches in length with the silver extension chain.

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Marcasite and Smoky Quartz Festoon Necklace

marcasite smoky quartz necklace

Unusual silver and marcasite necklace, length is adjustable from 18 inches down to 16, so lots of room for getting the perfect length. The marquise shape dark smoky quartz stone is 14mm x 7mm and drops beautifully from the crescent shape festoon. The festoon is 53mm wide and around 20mm deep.

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Banded Agate Bead and Swarovsky Necklace

banded agate necklace

18 inch necklace, threaded with lovely chunky, glossy 20mm x 11mm barrel shape, nicely marked, brown, white and cream agate beads and 4mm bicone Swarovski beads. The necklace is threaded on strong beadalon and fastens with a silver toggle clasp.

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Dark Faceted Smoky Quartz and Silver Necklace

faceted smoky quartz necklace

17 inch long necklace, threaded with faceted 13mm x 8mm dark smoky quartz beads and 5x3mm rice shape silver beads. The necklace is threaded on heavy duty beadalon and fastens with a silver toggle clasp.

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Green and Pink Jade Drop Necklace

pink green jade necklace

18" long necklace made from lavender, white and green coloured jade beads. The drops are 18mm x 13mm and the round bead are 8mm rounds. Necklace fastens with a sterling silver toggle clasp and is threaded on very strong Beadalon.

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Blue Goldstone Hearts Necklace

blue goldstone heart necklace

18 inch long necklace, made from 10mm heart shape, sparkling blue goldstone beads and 12mm sterling silver heart beads. Necklace fastens with a sterling silver toggle clasp and is threaded on very strong Beadalon.

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Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Rock Crystal and Black Pearl Set

citrine smoky quartz rock crystal set

Really unusual and delicate teaming of four different beads. Tiny, black, 2mm, seed pearls, coin shape smoky quartz 7.5mm beads, 6mm clear quartz beads, and 5.5mm citrine beads. The necklace has a silver filigree clasp and is 17 inches long. The silver earrings are 28mm long from the base of the hook.

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Wild Rose Quartz Necklace

rose quartz rough necklace

This a a lovely silver twig type setting for a natural piece of rose quartz rough. This rough rose quartz material is almost impossible to get hold of so items made in it are pretty rare! Basically rough is just the natural rock as a gem cutter gets it. It's irregular and crystalline and just unique in its naturalness. No two pieces are ever alike! The stone in this 16 inch necklet is 18mm x 15mm and 8mm deep at its deepest. It is a pretty pale pink colour.

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Flourite Cube Bead Necklace

flourite bead necklace

Flourite comes naturally in a lovely range of colours from a very pale green to dark purple and all shades between. These 4mm cube shape beads are just stunning, very sparkling Necklace is 18mm long and fastens with a silver filigree clasp.

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Aquamarine Crystal Bead Necklace

aquamarine crystal necklace

Nineteen and half inch long (including extension) silver and 6x4mm, faceted , sparkling, AB (rainbow) coated Austrian crystal bead necklace.

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Opalite and Crackle Glass Necklace

crackle glass and opalite necklace

Difficult to photograph this one as it is in shades of clear and white. Sparkling, 8mm round, clearish, crackle glass beads teamed with 6mm round opalite beads. The opalite beads change colour to blue in sunlight, which makes this a very simple and pretty necklace for summer. Fastens with a silver toggle clasp and is 17 inches long.

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Pearl and Crystal Necklace With Silver Heart

heart charm necklace

Very pretty 15 inch choker type necklet that is extendable to 17 inches. Silver heart charm is 18mm across and the beads on the necklace are 4mm pale blue crystals, rock crystal chips and 6/7mm pale blue freshwater pearls.

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Rock Crystal and Silver Loops Necklace
crytsal and silver drops necklace

Necklace is extendable from 16 inches to 18 inches. Each of the rock crystal drops is 15mm long and topped with a 4mm bicone crystal bead. Each crystal drop has a silver chain loop either side of it. Very simple and pretty.

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Yellow Rock Crystal Necklace

golden rock crystal drops

Seventeen inch long necklace made from lovely heavy, yellow rock crystal rondelle beads (18x10mm) and brushed 5mm silver cube beads. Necklace has silver toggle clasp and is threaded on top quality heavy Beadalon for longevity

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White Pearl, Opalite and Crystal Necklace

10mm pearl necklace

20 inch long necklace, threaded on strong Beadalon with a silver toggle clasp. The pearls are irregular white10mm (varies) freshwater pearls, the crystal beads are 7mm round are reflective coated and the round opalite beads 5mm. Necklace has a really nice mixture of reflectivity from the various surfaces.

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Baby Pink Crystal Necklace
pink crystal necklace

Nineteen inch long graduated Czech crystal beads with an aurora borealis finish (gives them extra reflectivity). Sizes of beads go from 10mm to 4mm, they are a bicone shape. The colour is a pretty pale pink with light blue/green reflectivity. Silver toggle clasp completes the necklace.

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Swarovsky pearl, Crystal and Crackle Glass Necklace

glasspearl and crystal necklace

6mm cream Swarovsky glass pearls, with bicone AB coated beads, and 7mm crackle glass make for a really pretty 17 inch long necklace that has a light lacy feel to it. Threaded on Beadalon for longevity and with a silver toggle clasp.

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Blue Goldstone Hexagonal Bead Necklace
blue goldstone necklace

Lovely, sparkling blue goldstone, faceted round beads 13mm in diameter teamed with 8mmx4mm oval sterling silver beads. Necklace has a silver toggle clasp and is seventeen and half inches long.

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Crackle Glass, Pearl and Crystal Necklace

double pearls crystal necklace

16 inch necklace with 8mm round crackle glass beads, 6mm sparkling crystal beads and 6mm white freshwater pearls.

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